How it works

Planet.Store makes it easy for you to quickly shop at any of your favorite local retail stores. We're the only company that delivers from a wide range of retails stores.

Enter your address, choose pick up or Send-A-Friend at your desired dispensary
We'll notify you as soon as we receive your order and keep you updated with text notifications every step of the way
Select your desired product and complete the checkout process
When the friend arrives at your door, say hi, validate your identity and enjoy!
Make money while making people happy!
Become A Planet.Store Retailer

List Your Store and Provide Pickup and Delivery Solutions for FREE!

Upload your menu or integrate your inventory for thousands of local shoppers to buy from.

Customers can choose to pickup the order themselves or have one of our independent drivers deliver it to them in minutes.

Does your business have the capability of mailing products directly to customers?

Our system can expand your reach across the globe and provide the tools you need to track and process those orders.

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